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Where has the Summer gone? It seemed like just yesterday that students began their much awaited break. Some of these tips and tricks should help you to start a successful school year.

* A week before the first day of school is a good time to gradually get back into a bed time routine.

* Buy a calendar and to put on the fridge so you can keep up with the school schedule and after school activities.

* Choose a schoolbag with wide, padded straps and a padded back for back support and comfort.

* Load up your shopping trolley with brain food - a perfectly healthy snack option is frozen fruit ice pop. Quinoa is the perfect nutrient-rich breakfast for all the family.

* Select and write down your meals in advance.

* Schedule some playtime for after their homework is done.

* Prepare a study area at home to do homework and remove all distractions.

* Encourage reading at home.

* A familiar friend can make all the difference when heading back to school. Scheduling a time for them to meet before school starts.

* Getting new stationary, for many kids this is one of the best things about going back to school! Picking a new pencil case with their favourite superhero or cartoon character on it.  

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