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Hotel-near-guinness-storehouseThe Guinness Storehouse is located on James’s Street in Dublin City Centre, a 10 minute drive from Adelphi Guesthouse. Fondly called the Storehouse, the Guinness Storehouse is the leading tourist destination in Ireland having received more than 4 million visitors through the gates since it opened in 2000. It is situated in St. James’s Gate, specifically in the fireplace of the well-known Guinness Brewery of Dublin.
Every capital city has it’s iconic buildings and ‘must-see’ attractions. Guinness is synonymous with Ireland and when in Dublin, no visit is complete without a trip to Guinness Storehouse. 
Take the self-guided tour of the Guinness Storehouse, which takes approximately an hour and half and is spread over seven floors. There are tour maps available in a range of languages including English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese. The interactive tour tells the dramatic story of Guinness, that begins over 250 years ago, from its establishment to present day. It covers all aspects of the company including the brewing process, cooperage & transportation methods used to take Guinness from St. James Gate and beyond. On the fourth floor, you will be shown how to craft the perfect pint and receive an exclusive Guinness certificate for your efforts. Sit back and relax in Arthurs Bar on the fifth floor, where you can enjoy some traditional and classic dishes such as the world famous Beef & guinness Stew. The tour ends in stunning Gravity Bar, where visitors can while relax and enjoying spectacular views over Dublin, while sipping on their complimentary pint of Guinness
For true beer lovers, the new Guinness Connoisseur Experience will give you an intimate and more private tutored tasting session of Guinness’ four main variants. This must be booked in advance. And if you’d like a souvenir to remind you of your trip to the Home of Guinness, there’s plenty to choose from at the Guinness Store.

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